Fly Tissues TotalRNA (Celniker project, Gingeras subgroup)

General Description

We will generate over 600 RNA samples in biological triplicate and use them to generate expression profile maps detailing the sites of transcription across the fly genome using whole genome tiling arrays at 38 bp resolution as a broad survey of the transcriptome and 7 bp arrays resolution to identify at high resolution transcripts ends, splice sites, and small RNAs.


  1. Sample preparation: CDNA_synthesis_for_Expression_Arrays, Labeling_of_cDNA_for_Expression_Arrays, Array_Hybridization_for_Expression_Arrays, Array_Scanning_for_Expression_Arrays
  2. Data Analysis: Data_Normalization_for_Expression_Arrays, Signal Graph generation, Transfrag Analysis

Experimental Reagents

  1. Arrays: Affymetrix Drosophila Tiling Arrays v2.0R, GPL6629

Sample Details

  1. Animals/Lines: Drosophila melanogaster
  2. Samples: Celniker/RNA:531, Celniker/RNA:532

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Release Date: 2009-10-09