Embryo time course RNA-seq read density

D.melanogaster SOLiD total RNA-seq (Celniker project, Hoskins & Graveley subgroups)


Tracks show the density of total RNA reads aligned to each nt per strand, for 4-6h embryos.

Series Description

Strand-specific RNA-seq analysis was performed on 12 total RNA samples in a time course spanning the development of the D. melanogaster embryo, from 0-2hr through 22-24hr in two-hour windows. RNA was isolated by the Peter Cherbas group. Library construction, RNA-seq producution (50 nt reads), data processing and genomic alignment were performed by Applied Biosystems using the SOLID platform and software.


  1. Growth and isolation: SOLiD library construction, SOLiD library construction
  2. Sample preparation: SOLiD Sequencing, SOLiD Sequencing
  3. Data Analysis: Analysis of SOLiD sequences

Sample Details

  1. Samples: Celniker/RNA:220, Celniker/RNA:238, Celniker/RNA:226, Celniker/RNA:232, Celniker/RNA:276, Celniker/RNA:260, Celniker/RNA:258, Celniker/RNA:244, Celniker/RNA:268, Celniker/RNA:214, Celniker/RNA:250, Celniker/RNA:280
  2. External Links: SRX015651, SRX015650, SRX015647, SRX015642, SRX015645, SRX015643, SRX015652, SRX015644, SRX015641, SRX015648, SRX015649, SRX015646

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Release Date: 2010-02-05