Embryo 20-22h RNA-Seq Multi mapper

Dm Dev Timecourse Expression RNA-seq em22-24hr multiply mapping reads (Celniker project, Celniker subgroup)


Unstranded libraries were created from polyA+ RNA isolated from staged em22-24hr y cn bw sp D. melanogaster flies, sequenced using Illumina GAIIx with single and/or paired-end modules, and aligned with TopHat against the r5 genome. Tracks show read alignments and density.
Total read count: 293936828
Mapped read count: 91165949
Alignment rate: 31%

General Description

RNA-seq analysis was performed on poly(A)+ RNA from 30 developmental stages spanning the life cycle of D. melanogaster, from 0-2hr embryos through 30-day male and female adults. Reads from Illumina GAIIx were aligned to the genome sequence using TopHat.


  1. Data Analysis: TopHat RNAseq alignment
  1. External Links: SRR023538, SRR023685, SRR023711, SRR023733, SRR023834, SRR024015, SRR035404

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Release Date: 2012-02-07