L3 PS7-9 RNA-Seq Unique mapper

Dm Developmental Timecourse Expression RNA-seq L3_PS7-9 uniquely mapping reads (Celniker project, Graveley subgroup)


Unstranded libraries were created from polyA+ RNA isolated from staged L3 PS7-9 y cn bw sp D. melanogaster flies, sequenced using Illumina GAIIx with single and/or paired-end modules, and aligned to the D. melanogaster r5 genome using Bowtie and predicted splice junctions with SPA (allowing only unique alignments). Tracks show read alignments and density.
Total read count: 190807909
Mapped read count: 66802321
Alignment rate: 35%

General Description

RNA-seq analysis was performed on poly(A)+ RNA from 30 developmental stages spanning the life cycle of D. melanogaster, from 0-2hr embryos through 30-day male and female adults. Unstranded reads from Illumina GAIIx and HiSeq sequencing were aligned to the D. melanogaster r5 genome using Bowtie (Langmead, 2010) and SPA (Graveley et al., 2011)


  1. Data Analysis: Stranded paired-end alignment
  1. External Links: GEO:TMPID:SRR023729, GEO:TMPID:SRR023739, GEO:TMPID:SRR023782, GEO:TMPID:SRR023865, GEO:TMPID:SRR026433, GEO:TMPID:SRR035219, GEO:TMPID:SRR035392, SRR023729, SRR023739, SRR023782, SRR023865, SRR026433, SRR035219, SRR035392

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Release Date: 2012-03-20