CGH array scores (Cell lines)

CGH S2-DRSC Cells (MacAlpine project, MacAlpine subgroup)

General Description

Analysis of copy number variation across modENCODE Drosophila cell line by comparative genomic hybridization (CGH). We observe numerous copy number variations for the different cell lines, with each cell line having a distinct ploidy signature.


  1. Growth and isolation: Cell_Growth:DM:1, DNA_isolation_tissue:DM:1
  2. Sample preparation: Sequenase_labeling:DM:1, Agilent_hybridization:DM:1, Array_scanning:DM:1
  3. Data Analysis: Array_Data_normalization:DM:1, Break_point_analysis:DM:1


  1. Arrays: Agilent_Dm_5.1_470_tiling

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Release Date: 2009-06-15