Replication Timing

Replication Timing (MacAlpine project, MacAlpine subgroup)

General Description

The relative time of replication for all unique sequences in the Drosophila genome was determined by synchronizing tissue culture cell and differentially labeling early and late replicating intermediates. The differentially labeled replication intermediates were then hybridized to Agilent genomic tiling arrays to identify early and late replicating domains.


  1. Growth and isolation: Cell growth, DNA isolation
  2. Sample preparation: Brdu labeling timing, Sequenase labeling, Array Hybridization, Array Scanning
  3. Data Analysis: Data Normalization, Smoothing Protocol
  4. Other Protocols: Brdu IP


  1. Arrays: Array:Agilent_Dm_5.1_470_tiling:DM:1
Release Date: 2009-02-05