pre-RC components

Localization of pre-Replication Complex components
(MacAlpine project, MacAlpine subgroup)

General Description

We will precisely identify sequence elements that direct DNA replication by using chromatin immunoprecipitation of known replication initiation complexes. These experiments will be conducted in multiple cell types and developmental tissues.


  1. Growth and isolation: Cell_Growth_ChIP_Large_Scale:DM:1
  2. Sample preparation: ChIP:DM:1, Sequenase_labeling:DM:1, Agilent_hybridization:DM:1, Array_scanning:DM:1
  3. Other Protocols: ChIP_crosslinking_and_isolation:DM:1, Normalization_and_peak_calling:DM:1


  1. Animals: Drosophila melanogaster
Release Date: 2009-03-03