Kc167 Repli-Seq

Kc WT Repliseq (MacAlpine project, MacAlpine subgroup)

General Description

The relative time of replication for all unique sequences in the Drosophila genome was determined by
sequencing replication intermediates that were differentially labeled with BrdU during S-phase progression. Briefly, cells were pulse labeled with BrdU and sorted into early, middle and late S-phase fractions. BrdU labeled sequences from each fraction of S-phase were enriched by immunoprecipitation and sequenced on the Illumina platform.


  1. Growth and isolation: Cell_growth:DM:1
  2. Sample preparation: Genomic_DNA_library:DM:1, Brdu labeling:DM:1
  3. Data Analysis: Illumina sequencing WIG Generation RPKM:DM:1
  4. Other Protocols: Illumina_seq_maq_processing:DM:1, FACS Cell Sort:DM:1, Illumina_sequencing:DM:1, Brdu IP Repliseq:DM:1

Release Date: 2011-05-20