S2-DRSC (polyA RNA), Unique mapper

S2-DRSC_polyA_014-016_paired_RNA-Seq (Celniker project, Gravely subgroup)

General Description

We are using Paired-end RNA-Seq to characterize the transcriptome in various Drosophila cell lines. For each cell line, total RNA is isolated, subjected to two rounds of poly(A)+ selection, and then used to make paired-end RNA-Seq libraries. We then sequence each library using an Illumina Genome Analyzer.


  1. Growth and isolation: mRNA purification from total RNA, Paired-end sample prep
  2. Sample preparation: Paired-end sample prep, Paired-end Sequencing
  3. Data Analysis: Bowtie alignment

Sample Details

  1. Samples: Celniker/RNA:14 (DCC-535), Celniker/RNA:16 (DCC-535)
  2. External Links: GSM390063, GSM390064

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Release Date: 2009-07-14