Embryo 4-6hr

Dm embryos, em4-6hr after egg laying SOLiD RNA-Seq (Celniker project, Celniker subgroup)


Sequences from 4-6 hr embryo total RNA (SOLiD) were aligned to the D. melanogaster r5 genome using TopHat. Tracks show aligned reads and read density.

General Description

Strand-specific RNA-seq analysis was performed on 12 total RNA samples in a time course spanning the development of the D. melanogaster embryo, from 0-2hr through 22-24hr in two-hour windows. Reads from Applied Biosystems SOLiD sequencing were aligned to the genome sequence using TopHat.


  1. Other Protocols: TopHat alignment v1.3.1
  1. External Links: SRR034222

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Release Date: 2012-01-12