spe-9 Untreated Control Recovery 12hr sncRNA

Stress treatment: Ce spe-9 Untreated Recovery Control 12hr sncRNA RNA-Seq (Waterston project, Slack subgroup)


small RNAs (less than 200nt) were isolated from stress tested Untreated_control_12hrs spe-9 animals, and sequenced using Illumina technology. Sequences were aligned to the WS190 genome using SOAP, converted to SAM, then lifted to WS220. Tracks show alignments/read density.
Total read count: 35476428
Mapped read count: 27983356
Alignment rate: 78%

General Description

We report a significant number of miRNAs and other non-coding small RNAs show dramatic changes in expression under various stress conditions in C. elegans. RNAs were prepared C. elegans hermaphrodites, under starvation, bacterial exposure, and heat shock stresses, and used for making cDNA libraries for small RNAs. Each library was sequenced using recent advances in high-throughput sequencing technology, Solexa.


  1. Growth and isolation: worm growth, worm staging and isolation, small RNA isolation
  2. Sample preparation: cDNA library prep and Illumina sequencing
  3. Other Protocols: Control treatment 12hr, SOAP alignment
  1. External Links: GSM870226, SRR404129

Release Date: 2012-03-28