early embryo 50-120

Celegans Emb Timecourse Expression N2_EE_50-120 RNA-seq sequences and alignment (Waterston project, Waterston subgroup)


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General Description

Using massively parallel sequencing by synthesis methods, we are surveying transcripts from 30 minute intervals of embryonic development of the nematode C. elegans. We use novel statistical approaches to evaluate coverage of annotated features of the genome and of candidate processed transcripts.


  1. Growth and isolation: Worm_growth, Staging_and_isolation, RNA_isolation, polyA Selection, Library preparation for Illumina Sequencing
  2. Sample preparation: cDNA amplification with random hexamers for sequencing, Illumina paired-end sequencing on GAIIx, Illumina paired-end sequencing on HiSeq2000
  3. Other Protocols: Alignment, Normalization
  1. External Links: SRR316753, SRR317082, SRR350977

Release Date: 2012-10-19